THE world bee project – World HIVE NETWORK

Projecte Equilibri offers the analysis of the data from the hives to make decisions that benefit the bees, their essential pollination activity and the farms near the hives.
We work so that the entire ecosystem recovers its natural balance.


The World Bee Project and Projecte Equilibri are collaborating on an innovative bee research and education program that will enable the sharing of information and databases with different apiaries around the world, promoting diversified agricultural landscapes and improved pollination for sustainable food production.
Projecte Equilbri will contribute its data in real time to the World Hive Network© database, thus making a significant contribution to the scientific study of bees and their ecosystems. We demonstrate that the combination of cutting-edge technology and organic farming translates into more sustainable land management practices.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of agricultural activity
The World Bee Project


Projecte Equilibri in collaboration with the World Hive Network wants to demonstrate with data that we can protect, improve and increase the population of bees (*-), using technology.
We will be able to predict bee diseases, know the stage of development of a hive and its production time, if human intervention is necessary to ventilate, move the hive, remove honey, seek a better positioning…
The monitoring system will provide a significant improvement in competitiveness both in the generation of knowledge and in the development of human resources.

We place Mallorca on the map of world agricultural-beekeeping innovation.

 *Source: ECPA-European Crop Protection Agency