Comprehensive Rural Development and Productive Landscape Design Project.


A big change is starting here

Projecte Equilibri is a comprehensive rural development project. A private organic farm certified by CBPAE which is over fifteen years old and has completely reconverted its concept of agricultural activity.

We speak of balance, not exploitation.
More life and biodiversity: it is essential to enhance what the earth and its species offer us by providing quality nutrients, care and protection. It is an exchange.

Projecte Equilibri is a risky bet. Success is being viable, sustainable, and respectful of the nature that welcomes us.

To love Mallorca in the 21st century is to obey what the earth urgently asks for: to regenerate it, and to do so you have to respect the existing native flora and fauna.

Comprehensive Rural Development and Functional Landscaping Project.


The activity of the farm revolves around the protection of pollinators, they guarantee the harmonious growth of the entire ecosystem:

Our priorities:


  • The number of bees is in balance with the surface of crops.
  • The irrigation design maximizes the topographical characteristics of the farm, taking advantage of gravity and helped by solar panels.
  • Forest cleaning is done with the utmost respect for the undergrowth, so as not to damage native plants, respecting the levels of light and water, and maintaining the natural wetlands of the forest.
  • Good ethics allows self-regulation of pests among the same biological agents.
  • The choice and location of the plantation of the legumes, fruits, aromatic plants and flowers follow, in addition to a productive criterion, an aesthetic one, seeking to create a space of great beauty.